A ton of stuff in the inbox – time for a spring clean:

Spiral Cage reviews some Lachenmann.

DJA on (ir)rational rhythm notations.

Composers in newspapers 1 – Anthony Pateras!

Composers in newspapers 2 – Heiner Goebbels!

Composers in newspapers 3 –  Jonathan Harvey!

Anthony Tommasini gets excited that Thomas “over-hyped and over there” Adès sells out Zankel Hall; overlooks the possibly more exciting Gerald Barry chamber opera from the previous night. Luckily, Feast of Music didn’t. Zankel only half full, apparently, so don’t sink all your money into new music shares just yet.

But really, ignore pocket operas – pocket Helicopter String Quartets are where it’s at.

FoM is also outraged that the NY Phil – the work’s commissioners – aren’t interested in playing Messiaen’s final masterpiece in his centenary year.

And countercritic has had it with Bernard Holland and the “entirely retarded” haters of atonal music.


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