Musician Deathwatch | About this list

This week we bid farewell to the following members of the musical community:

:: Gerhard Samuel Conductor and composer
:: Datuk Wan Othman Wan Hamid Al-Khatib Composer of Sarawak anthem
:: Mikey Dread Reggae DJ
:: Ola Brunkert Abba drummer
:: Dorothy Stone Flautist and composer
:: Dennis Irwin Jazz bassist
:: Gloria Shayne Baker Songwriter
:: Howard Davis Violinist and string quartet leader

Rest in Peace.


One thought on “Musician Deathwatch

  1. Dennis Irwin played with the Village Vanguard band when I saw them at the Elmhurst Jazz Festival a year or two ago. In all the years that I saw the top drawer, professional bands that play at the festival, he stuck out as being the best bass player among the pack. I remember an unaccompanied solo he took that was just amazing. What a loss for music…

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