Thesis update: 6 days to go

Prefatory material: DONE

Preface: DONE

Chapter 1: DONE

Chapter 2: DONE

Chapter 3: DONE

Chapter 4: DONE

Chapter 5: DONE

Chapter 6: DONE

Bibliography: DONE

Yup – it’s basically (and rather suddenly) ALL DONE. And, in accordance with Susan McClary’s words of wisdom (via Paul Attinello), DONE IS GOOD. I’m just going to spend the rest of the evening reading off the screen to see if I can catch anything I’ve missed; final trip to the library tomorrow morning to look up those last 3 references; then home to print and to the binders on Tuesday morning. Hand in on Friday, and then into the pub. Who’s with me?

(The above photo is what I’ve been looking at for most of the last 5 1/2 years. Feel free to have a go at identifying all the books.)


6 thoughts on “Thesis update: 6 days to go

  1. Well done, a great achievement. However, might be worth getting someone else to read over it to pick up any mistakes – quite often self-editing still misses plenty.

    But I raise a beer to ya

  2. I’m also an absolute last-minute person, so extra congratulations on finishing ahead of schedule. I guess this is what happens when you stick to the plan.

  3. 🙂 Thanks guys! Just got back from the binders!

    Those extra days include time for the binders to do their thing, and I think it’s still going to be a mad taxi ride across town on Friday afternoon to get it into the exams office before they shut for the Bank Holiday weekend, so don’t call it early yet…

    Ben C – don’t worry, my wife is a pro editor and has been diligently reading everything I pass under her nose these last few weeks (and my supervisor of course). I’ll be stunned if there aren’t still a few typos in there (not to mention the odd footnote wandering off onto the wrong page – thanks for that one, MS Word!), but I’m past caring tbh. (Which is not to say that at 5am this morning I wasn’t awake and caring very much.)

  4. CHEERS! Having just gone through this process less than a year ago, my congratulations are more sincere than you can imagine. Bravo!

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