Musician Deathwatch | About this list

This week we bid farewell to the following members of the musical community:

:: Peter Howard Broadway arranger
:: Joe Feeney Crooner
:: Tristram Cary Electronic and TV composer
:: Jimmy Giuffre Jazz clarinettist and composer
:: Humphrey Lyttelton Jazz trumpeter and broadcaster
:: Henry Brant Experimental composer
:: Bebe Barron Electronic and film composer
:: Walter Schenkman Pianist and musicologist
:: Brian Davison Drummer with The Nice
:: Robert Reed Go-go keyboardist
:: Ozzie Cadena Jazz and gospel producer
:: Lili Boniche Algerian singer and composer
:: George Butler Jazz record executive
:: Thomas Humphrey Luthier
:: Danny Federici Keyboardist for Bruce Springsteen
:: Judy Frankel Classical and folk singer
:: Al Wilson R&B singer
:: DJ Froggy Club DJ
:: Cedella Booker Bob Marley’s mother
:: Carole Lynne Actress and singer
:: Marios Tokas Composer
:: Tommy McQuater Jazz trumpeter
:: Wayne Frost Breakdancer
:: Klaus Dinger Neu! drummer
:: Gene Puerling Leader of vocal quartet the Hi-Lo’s
:: Allan Ganley Jazz drummer
:: Jerry Kravat Nightclub owner and bandleader
:: Sam Weiss Record label owner
:: Sergei Larin Opera singer
:: Sean Levert R & B Singer
:: Bill Bolick Hillbilly singer
:: Shusha Guppy Singer of ballads and chansons, and writer
:: Neil Aspinall Head of Apple records
:: Cachao López Mambo’s inventor
:: Alan Dargin Inventor of rock’n’roll didgeridoo

Rest in Peace.


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