Musician Deathwatch | About this list

This week we bid farewell to the following members of the musical community:

:: U. Utah Phillips Folk singer and political activist
:: David Gahr Photographer who specialised in musicians
:: Earle Hagen TV composer
:: John Cruft Orchestral oboist and Arts Council secretary
:: Jimmy McGriff Jazz and blues organist
:: Mickey Waller Jeff Beck drummer
:: Kishan Maharaj Tabla player
:: Sonny Okosuns Singer
:: Siegmund Nissel Violinist with the Amadeus Quartet
:: Bob Florence Jazz pianist, bandleader and arranger
:: Franz Jackson Jazz saxophonist
:: Milo M. Velimirovic Musicologist
:: Dick Charlesworth Trad-jazz clarinettist
:: Wilfrid Mellers Musicologist and composer
:: Hugh McElrath Musicologist
:: Larry Levine Record engineer for Phil Spector
:: Muriel More Country dance pianist
:: Edmund Barham Operatic tenor
:: Joyce ‘Dottie’ Rambo Gospel singer and songwriter
:: Mary Berry Musicologist of Gregorian chant
:: Wilfred Middlebrooks Jazz bassist
:: Ruben Vartanyan Conductor
:: Leyla Gencer Operatic soprano
:: Jerry Wallace Country singer
:: John P. Hennessey Rhythm bones player
:: Tony Kostrzewa Founder of Red Rhino Records
:: Eddy Arnold Country singer
:: Frances Yeend Operatic soprano
:: Ilyas Malayev Uzbek musician and poet
:: LonPaul Ellrich Indie drummer, instrumentalist and producer

Rest in Peace.


6 thoughts on “Musician Deathwatch

  1. Sadly, there’s another name to add to the list already: Singer, guitarist and rock pioneer Bo Diddley, who passed away today (Monday, Jun 2). Also, composer Alexander Courage, whose main claim to fame was the original theme for the television series ‘Star Trek,’ died on May 15.

    Strangely, I somehow hadn’t heard that Utah Phillips had passed.

  2. I must admit that this is the first of this series that I’ve caught. And I’m still in mourning for Mr. Diddley. Now Alex Courage?!! It’s…wow…it’s morbid but one of the best obits I’ve ever…(weird, quirky smile, with a slight brow shift)…keep up the good. (., !,?, :))


  3. pardon the previous comment, I missed her on your list. now, how do I delete a comment?:P

    Really appreciate your blog and feed, it’s been helpful as a radio station librarian/announcer/producer to keep track of this.

    (with a spouse who studies Berio, was very sad to read previously about David Osmond-Smith here)


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