Boulez in the Guardian

Tom Service on Boulez.

Photo gallery.


One thought on “Boulez in the Guardian

  1. That’s a nice interview. I like this bit:

    Yet instead of blaming audiences for their lack of adventure and desire to hear new music, Boulez’s wrath is saved for the ensembles and musicians themselves. “Audiences follow the orchestra. The problem is that performers say, ‘Oh my God, if I programme Schoenberg, nobody will come’ – and that’s not true.

    Will the crowd be as large as a concert with a Mozart symphony > Beethoven piano concerto > Brahms symphony? Duh, of course not, but there *is* an audience for the Second Viennese school and their followers and I see no reason why it shouldn’t be cultivated like other niche audiences are, such as chamber music, organ recitals or lieder.

    I sure hope he finishes the Notations project before he passes.

    I didn’t know he was close to B.A. Zimmerman, I’d love to have heard him conduct Die Soldaten, but the From the House of the Dead with Patrice Chereau was announced as his final opera conducting job. Oh well….

    Thanks for the link!

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