Cage/Knowles: Notations

John Cage and Alison Knowles’s legendary anthology, Notations, is now available for free download on Ubuweb. Hat tip: Ben.H. Woo-hoo!

On the subject of book-length pdfs of beautiful draftsmanship, why not check out Will Redman’s Book at the same time (download here; soundfiles of some performances here) – an epic exploration of the intersections between determinate and graphic notation.


6 thoughts on “Cage/Knowles: Notations

  1. That looks like a score Jean Miro would have produced if he had lived long enough and decided to branch off in to a second career as a post-war avant-garde composer. Very nice!

  2. This is gorgeous. Also worth a perusal, if you’re interested in the score as work of art: Finnissy’s “Hinomi” is all scored by hand, by the composer. The clean, simple lines are almost calligraphic in nature, recalling the Japanese folk tale from which the piece derives its subject.

    I would also recommend Haubenstock-Ramati’s scores: Cubist/Abstract painting or European post-conceptualist score? You be the judge.

  3. What a great Cage link! This is one of those things I’ll look at on Amazon, Abebooks etc every so often and think…hmm….£80…for…a book…then thought better of it.

    Question: do you need to be able to read conventional notation to interpret a graphic score?

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