Credit where it’s due

I’ve been moaning about iTunes’s lack of browse facilities for composer names for a long time, but when I downloaded the latest upgrade this morning I noticed this little addition:

OK, so it’s only available through the album cover grid view and not in list view yet where it would be most useful, but it’s a start and worth a small hurrah.


4 thoughts on “Credit where it’s due

  1. Go to the view menu. Select “View Options.” A dialog box will open with a list of parameters that you want to show up in list view. Check the box next to “Composer.”

    It’s not there by default, but it is there.

  2. Cheers – but I wasn’t clear in my post. What I’m after is the option to change the three browsing windows that you get at the top of list view (ie what iTunes calls the ‘browser’). At the moment these are permanently set to Genre / Artist / Album. I’d like the option to add Composer to those three (or swap one of them for it). In fact, I don’t see why those three windows couldn’t be completely customisable, so that you could have Track # / Composer / Date Added if you really wanted!

  3. You could also switch the artist and composer fields. This way, you can get the best of both worlds. It can be easily achieved by using a little script (if you use a Mac): switch and unswitch your entire library in a few minutes.

    I wrote some more stuff about this. Check it out:

    (Great blog by the way. I added it to my Google Reader subscriptions.)

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