Parkinson Saunders and Lely

THURSDAY 18th September

18-22 Ashwin Street,
Dalston, E8 3DL

Time : 8pm
Tickets : £6

A Series of Fortunate Events presents;

James SAUNDERS / Tim PARKINSON and Special Guest John LELY

music by Alison Knowles, Alwyne Pritchard, Paul Whitty, Matthew Shlomowitz


David Ryan, clarinets/ Sebastian Lexer, piano & electronics


Parkinson Saunders consists of the composer performers Tim Parkinson and James Saunders. Seated at two tables, their instrumentation comprises any sound producing means other than conventional instruments. This can include lo-fi electronics, ordinary objects, toys, vocalisations and other natural sound sources, resulting in a table-top orchestra of possibilities. Their repertoire centres around experimental music that can be realised in a multiplicity of ways, and music that involves very elementary sound production.

Keep your eyes on for more like this.

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