Mauricio Kagel RIP

Mauricio Kagel

Komponist Mauricio Kagel gestorben

Another survivor falls. Almost no one left now.

Obituaries – press


Gramophone (Philip Clark)

Guardian (Adrian Jack)

Independent (Martin Anderson)

Los Andes

New York Times (William Grimes)

Nextbook (Chris Dumas)

Washington Post (Anne Midgette)

Obituaries – blogs

Line Out


Tom Service

Greenleaf Music has a video of Acustica, played by Apartment House in 2005. More Kagel videos at my YouTube collection and Ubuweb.

6 thoughts on “Mauricio Kagel RIP

  1. most professional composer I knew
    most fun composer I knew
    one of the greatest thinkers in music I knew
    best personal friend in music I had

    great that his music is there to comfort me

  2. It is unfortunate that so many of the influential and truly great composers of this past century are from the same age bracket, so that many of them are dying within such a short time. Look at the last handful of years-Berio, Ligeti, Stockhausen, and now Kagel.

    It is a very sad day. But, I know I’ll feel better once I start listening to Kagel’s music-he had an amazing gift for making genuinely humorous music, while still retaining all of its thoughtful qualities.

  3. From a article I found while researching his music:

    Sometimes a piece, as in the stage piece Tremens , suggests that Kagel is reflecting on his clinically supervised experience of LSD or mescaline

    Woah! An acidhead serialist! 🙂

    so that many of them are dying within such a short time

    I really hope that Pierre Boulez finishes expanding/orchestrating his Notations before he sinks in to the big sleep.

    Any suggestions on where to start with his music? Note: I like pieces for full orchestra or opera/pieces for voices, solo and chamber stuff not so much. Thanks in advance.

  4. If anyboy knows the title of a film about Mauricio Kagel shown at
    the Buenos Aires Independent Intl. Film Festival on April of this year (2008)
    (BAFICI), please let me know…. I do not recall the title (starts with an S).
    And whether it can be obtained somewhere, of course.


    arturo escobar

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