Horatiu Radulescu 1942–2008

Horatiu Radulescu has died.

This email from pianist Ian Pace to the academic mailing list Music-Since-1900 is where I heard the news:

I just heard last night the very sad news that Horatiu Radulescu has died. He had been seriously ill for several months. A fantastic composer of passionate, hallucinatory music, and of vital importance in the history of spectral music. May he rest in peace.

Radulescu’s Wikipedia page has been updated stating that he died in Paris on 25th September.

Update (29 Sept 2008): obituaries are still few and far between, but some have started to come in:



Resmusica (Bruno Serrou)

Rue 89 (Nathalie Kraft)

11 thoughts on “Horatiu Radulescu 1942–2008

  1. The passing of the 1920s generation of composers is sad but to be expected; but Radulescu’s death is particularly sorry news.

    Wikipedia doesn’t seem to display the news of his death on their main page, but it shows up in the edit history.

  2. I can confirm that this is true. I am his wifes brother living in the UK. He died peacefully with Catherine by his side in a Paris Hospital yesterday evening. He had been suffering over the past few weeks with an extremely progressive cancer that they believed was under control. Our thoughts go to Catherine(his current wife), his daughters Sophia(4) and Laura(21).

    1. hi, i am looking urgently for Catherine’s contact details. i would be so very happy if you can help me please.
      thank you so much
      kind regards and best wishes

  3. I didn’t know that Radulescu died, and the news is very sad for me. I knew him, and admired his great creativity. Giancarlo Cardini

  4. How very sad to hear of the passing of Horaitu Radulescu. We met at a music festival in Bucharest about four years ago, and then had tea outside near the Composers’ Union. He was a vital personality with many plans for finding a performance of a new work for childrens’ chorus. He was an open, intense and dramatic personality that I will always remember. Gloria Coates

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