Musician Deathwatch | About this list

This week we bid farewell to the following members of the musical community:

:: J.C. Black Rock drummer
:: Miriam Makeba Singer
:: Kunnakkudi Vaidyanathan Violinist and Carnatic musician
:: Rabbi Moshe Cotel Composer and pianist
:: Gloria Saunders Overall Musician and CIA secretary
:: Jez Bird Mod singer with the Lambrettas
:: Thomas Dunn Early music conductor
:: Dennis Burkh Conductor
:: Merl Saunders Jazz and rock keyboardist
:: Gianni Raimondi Opera singer
:: Muslim Magomayev Soviet-era pop and opera singer
:: Peter J. Levinson Publicist and biographer
:: Rudy Ray Moore Comedian, actor and singer
:: Gail Robinson Opera singer
:: Bryan Morrison Music publisher and manager
:: Dave McKenna Jazz pianist
:: Dee Dee Warwick R&B and soul singer
:: Levi Stubbs Four Tops singer
:: John S. Drabik Opera singer and museum director
:: Edie Adams Actress, singer and comedienne
:: Robert J. Holloway Violinist and teacher
:: Russ Hamilton Pop singer-songwriter
:: Neal Hefti Jazz and TV composer
:: Pehr Henrik Nordgren Composer
:: Richard ‘Popcorn’ Wylie Motown pianist, songwriter, producer and bandleader
:: Alfred J. Gallodoro Jazz saxophonist and clarinettist
:: Alton Ellis Reggae singer
:: Bernadette Greevy Singer
:: Ruedi Rymann Yodeller
:: Arne Domnerus Jazz saxophonist and clarinettist
:: Pat Crumly Jazz saxophonist and bandleader
:: George Jones Doo-wop singer
:: Nick Reynolds Folk singer
:: Hayward Blackledge III Jazz drummer
:: Mahendra Kapoor Playback singer for Hindi musicals
:: David Cooper Organist and music director
:: Larry Eanet Jazz pianist
:: Dick Sudhalter Jazz cornettist
:: Charlie Walker Honky-tonk singer
:: Connie Haines Jazz singer
:: Nappy Brown Blues and R&B singer
:: Dorothy Monson Horton Church singer
:: Marjorie Thomas Singer
:: Thomas Richner Pianist and organist
:: Yma Sumac Singer
:: Krystyna Moszumańska-Nazar Composer
:: Yonty Solomon Pianist and teacher
:: Michel Waisvisz Composer and improviser
:: Horaţiu Rădulescu Composer
:: Monica Zetterlund Singer and actress
:: John Peragallo Jr. Organ curator
:: Richard Sudhalter Jazz musician and critic
:: Laurence Gilgun Pianist
:: Norman Whitfield Motown songwriter
:: Jerry Finn Record producer
:: Peter Glossop Operatic baritone
:: Vernon Handley Conductor
:: Mark Lundberg Operatic tenor
:: Paola Saffiotti Pianist
:: Jerry Reed Country singer and actor
:: Robert Bass Choral director
:: Roy Shirley Reggae singer and songwriter
:: Jack Hutton Melody Maker editor
:: Ralph Young Singer with Sandler and Young
:: Pervis Jackson Bass voice of the Spinners
:: Johnny Moore Ska trumpeter
:: Lita Roza Singer
:: Jim Johnstone Accordionist and band leader
:: Ronnie Drew Lead singer of the Dubliners
:: Jerry Wexler R&B record producer
:: Leonard Pennario Pianist
:: Henry Steinway Piano manufacturer
:: Hector Zazou World music producer
:: Géo Voumard Founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival
:: Rick Wright Pink Floyd keyboardist
:: Earl Palmer Jazz drummer
:: Dorival Caymmi Brazilian singer and songwriter
:: Donald Erb Electronic composer
:: David Hammond Film-maker and singer
:: David Gahr Folk, jazz and rock photographer
:: Clea Bradford Jazz singer
:: Buddy Harman Drummer
:: Bob Florence Jazz composer and bandleader
:: Bill Colleran Music publisher with Universal Edition
:: Bheki Mseleku South African jazz pianist
:: Frank P. “Frankie” Tam Sr. Bandleader

Rest in Peace.


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