Musician Deathwatch | About this list

This week we bid farewell to the following members of the musical community:

:: Michael Lee Rock drummer
:: Davey Graham Folk guitarist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer
:: Alex McEwen Folk singer
:: Richard Van Allan Opera singer
:: Elmer Valentine Founder of Whisky a Go-go
:: Dennis Yost Classics IV singer
:: Christel Goltz Operatic soprano
:: Buddy Harman Drummer
:: Joza Karas Musicologist and violinist
:: William Dowd Harpsichord maker
:: Odetta Folk and blues singer
:: Nico Rojas Jazz guitarist and composer
:: Sam Bor Violinist and founder member of the BBC Symphony
:: Gerald Schoenfeld Lawyer and Broadway impresario
:: Luderin Darbone Cajun fiddle player and bandleader
:: Rob Partridge Island Records PR
:: MC Breed Rapper
:: Robert Lucas Singer with Canned Heat
:: Richard Hickox Conductor
:: Lawrence Wheatley Jazz pianist and composer
:: George Jones Jnr Doo-wop singer and songwriter
:: Irving Gertz Film composer
:: Guy Peellaert Sleeve designer
:: Alan Hazeldine Conductor and pianist
:: Ryan Smith Opera singer
:: Marjorie Thomas Opera singer
:: Jheryl Busby Former chief of Motown records
:: Jody Reynolds Rockabilly singer and songwriter
:: Rosetta Reitz Jazz record label owner
:: Mae Mercer Blues singer
:: Mitch Mitchell Jimi Hendrix drummer
:: Merlin W. Shorb Singer and minister
:: Byron Lee Ska bandleader

Rest in Peace.


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