The end of DRM on iTunes?

Could it be true?

Apple Inc has agreed to start selling digital songs from its iTunes store without copy protection software.

At present, most music downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store can only be played through an iTunes interface or iPod.

The new agreement with Sony BMG, Universal, and Warner Music will end digital rights management (DRM)software currently attached to iTunes music.


One thought on “The end of DRM on iTunes?

  1. Granted, the analog hole has beat them to this from its’ inception. However, I think that iTunes only gives one the MP3 format, and I can’t believe the more academic listener would even want a recording in this format to begin with. Squashing the high- and low-end frequencies is nothing short of abominable. The first time I heard Rite of Spring in this format I thought the performance was recorded under water. bleah…

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