Fidelio Trio reviewed

Apologies to my readers if it seems that all I’m posting at the moment are reviews or links to reviews. At the moment it feels like that’s all I’m writing …

Anyway, my review of the Fidelio Trio at King’s Place last week is now online:

On previous occasions, I’ve been a little disturbed by the Fidelio Trio’s programming judgment. They’re fine, ambitious players who I hope to hear for many years, but I’m not sure they always choose the best pieces for themselves. Tonight, however, there was only one real dud: the piano, electronics and video components of Fujikura’s moromoro were poorly characterised in isolation and dreary as a whole.

Sciarrino’s Trio [no.1] got things off to a much more sparkling start as its opening flood of notes rushed us into a skittering, unstable terrain littered with ball bearings and tripwires – an exciting place to run around in, but very hard to keep one’s footing. With so much of the momentum dependent on the chase of complex timbres and figurations from one instrument to the next it was a shame that balance problems obscured the cello.

Read more here.


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