New Music on a Shoestring: April

Here’s some background to NMoaS.

The main event this month for cheap new music bunnies is the fuseleeds Festival in Leeds. Many more details about this event, which runs from 25 April to 2 May are available here; performers include Icebreaker, Phil Minton, Mary Dullea, David Gedge, Exaudi, Labyrinth and more. Many events are free or very cheap: see the full programme for more details.

Other than that, there’s still plenty else going on – read on …

3 April

New Noise, Artrix, Bromsgrove, 8pm [details]

Birtwistle: Pulse Sampler; John Lely: Desk Bells; Skempton: Random Girl; Adrian Lee: Peace for Vayu; Simon Holt: Sphinx; David Lang: The Anvil Chorus; Cage: Ryoanji; Holt: Banshee


7 April

Philharmonia Orchestra: Music of Today, Festival Hall, 6pm [details]

Hans Abrahamsen: Schnee – Part I; Märchenbilder


20 April

The Mercury Quartet, Michael Oliva (electronics), Rosie Coad (soprano), Carla Ress (alto flute), Royal College of Music, 7.30pm [details- sorry, the RCM don’t give unique URLs for individual events]

Tristram Cary: I am here; Xenakis: Orient–Occident; Stockhausen: Solo; Murail: Allégories

Free (tickets required)

23 April

Sarah Watts, Heather Roche (bass clarinets), The Space, London, 7:30pm [details]

To include works by Elspeth Brooke, Stuart Russell, George Nicholson, Mark Hewitt, Stefan Heuke, Burkhardt Soll and Liza Lim.

Tickets are £6–7 (£5 concs.) so slightly outside the NMoaS rules, but this looks like a great concert so worth making an exception for.


3 thoughts on “New Music on a Shoestring: April

  1. Short notice, and shameless plug, but: percussionist Joby Burgess, who is my teacher/mentor, is one half of New Noise (the other half is his wife Janey, oboe).

    They are very good, frighteningly virtuosic, well worth seeing.


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