Richard Haynes: Listen, my secret fetish

As well as your monthly fix of new music on a shoestring, this is an essential addition to your April diary:


Listen, My Secret Fetish
Richard Haynes

SHUNT Vaults
13 & 14 April, 8pm

‘Listen, My Secret Fetish’ is a collection of tantalizing sound pieces for clarinet each created by a different composer and performed by Richard Haynes.

Each work corresponds to a different fetish, but of course these remain secret until you see the show.

Breath Control, by David Young, employs constant circular breathing and dramatic performative elements.

Interference, by Richard Barrett, is an oracular piece for voice, bass drum and contrabass clarinet, controlled by an incomprehensible external force.

the sadness of detail, by Chris Dench, is full of intricate melodies that evoke a wild, animalistic atmosphere.

Press Release, by David Lang, is a masculine, driving work for bass clarinet that doesn’t let up until its final minute of glassy brilliance.
Part of Triple Bill with Carla Esperanza Tommsini and Harminder Singh Judge

Tickets for Triple Bill: £15, £10

Booking:  020 7478 0100


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