Salonen and David Matthews CDs reviewed


I admit I approached this CD with some trepidation. I’ve not been much taken with the music of David Matthews that I’ve heard in the past. It’s a taste thing: it has always seemed to sit too politely in the shadows of Holst, Vaughan Williams, Walton et al.

I was very pleasantly surprised, therefore, by The Music of Dawn.

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During his 17-year tenure as Music Director of the LA Philharmonic, Esa-Pekka Salonen came to epitomise for American audiences a new brand of European modernism, one that was showy, cultured and clever, yet still marketable to a subscriber base. With pieces as brilliant and glamorous as those here, it is not hard to see how.

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2 thoughts on “Salonen and David Matthews CDs reviewed

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  2. Thanks for these. I was thinking about getting that David Matthews and you’ve just given me an extra push to do so.

    Salonen is utterly disposable music, isn’t it? And not in the interesting sense. 😦

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