ELISION at King’s Place

ELISION’s next visit to King’s Place is drawing closer: Sum Over Histories features music for two clarinets by the British composers Richard Barrett (a new piece), Chris Dench and Michael Finnissy, the young Americans Aaron Cassidy and Evan Johnson, and the old American Elliott Carter, all performed by Richard Haynes and Carl Rosman.

Haynes and Rosman are two of the best new music clarinettists on the planet, and you can bet that the pieces in this concert will push their skills to the limit. A couple of the pieces were broadcast by ABC in Australia last year and you’re in for a treat: I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Johnson’s Apostrophe 1 (All communication is a form of complaint) – a fragile, fluttering thing – in the flesh. Don’t be dissuaded by this being almost entirely a clarinet duo recital – the range of sounds and colours will be huge.

Here’s a full programme (not currently available at the King’s Place site):

Elliott Carter – Hiyoku (1984) for two clarinets
Chris Dench – sum over histories (2006) for bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet
Richard Barrett – Hypnerotomachia (2009) for two clarinets
Aaron Cassidy – ‘I, purples, spat blood, laugh of beautiful lips’ (2003 – 2006) for voice with live computer-generated pitch material
Michael Finnissy – ‘Marrngu’ (1982) for solo E-flat clarinet
Evan Johnson – Apostrophe 1 (all communication is a form of complaint) (2008) for two bass clarinets

Date: Monday 2 November
Time: 20:00
Venue: Hall Two
Price: From £9.50 (the earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket)
Online booking here.


2 thoughts on “ELISION at King’s Place

  1. Hi Dave,
    FYI we will be programming Michael’s ‘Hinomi’ for solo percussion in one of our KP concerts towards the end of next year and at the very least one of the cello solos as well.

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