Can I iz writr now plz?

My first Guardian article came out today. I now feel a combination of great satisfaction, disappointment at the inaccurate headline, and terror that someone’s going to find tremendous fault with it.

It’s a fairly puffy thing previewing Richard Barrett’s Opening of the Mouth at Huddersfield next weekend, but it got a few things in there that I’m quite pleased about. Some juicier stuff got cut for space; I may rework that up somewhere else yet.

A disused railway foundry on the edge of the desert outside Perth, Western Australia, March 1997. Inside it is dark and airless, and stiflingly hot. The confined space is filled with the stench of rotting fish. In the decaying heart of the building, amid rusting machinery, dozens of bottles of putrid milk and other surreal detritus, sit an audience and a small ensemble, playing music of an uncompromising but eerie beauty. One reviewer is nearly sick.

Read more here.

Thanks to Richard Barrett, Daryl Buckley, Richard Haynes and Simon Hewett for their help and interview responses. Sorry I wasn’t able to use them all!


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