5 new music blogs you should subscribe to now

Dust off your RSS reader: it’s time for some new reads for the new year.


erstwords is only periodically updated (six posts in two years). It’s run by Jon Abbey and Bhob Rainey, although only in an editorial capacity, it seems. It’s more of an occasional magazine than a blog, really. The posts themselves are extraordinary gems of writing on experimental and improvised music. Contributors so far include Keith Rowe, Toshiya Tsunoda and Michael Pisaro (who has written a remarkably detailed history of the Wandelweiser group that is worth the server space alone). Subscribe, and pray for more.

sound expanse

sound expanse is a blog by American composer Jennie Gottschalk. The focus is experimental music, and many posts are in the nature of extended reviews: recent posts include a five-part review (richly illustrated with video) of this year’s Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival that I recommend reading.

Rouge’s Foam

Rouge’s Foam has been running for just nine months, but is an example of the old-school thought blogging that inspired me to start the Rambler in the first place (think k-punk, Woebot, blissblog): long-form posts that resist the dear-diary/lifestyle columnist format of the traditional blog, that provoke and frustrate in equal measure, and that feature the sort of square-peg writing that could only exist on the web. Rouge doesn’t always hit the mark, but his tenacity and ideas deserve attention, and the posts are always beautifully illustrated.

The High Pony Tail

OOP album blogs are two-a-penny these days, but The High Pony Tail is worth your bandwidth for posting high quality rips of classical and contemporary vinyl recordings. Recent new music highlights include a package of three recordings of the Barraqué Piano Sonata, lavishly accompanied by the original filler material from the commercial recordings, an analysis of the Sonata by Richard Toop, André Hodier’s book Since Debussy (heavily biased towards Barraqué), and more.

Sound is Grammar

Sound is Grammar is the blog of Australian composer Robert Dahm, one of the sharpest musical minds I know. ‘Nuff said.


5 thoughts on “5 new music blogs you should subscribe to now

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