Musician Deathwatch

I’ve fallen really behind on this. The full list is available through my delicious feed; these are just the names since late November-ish. | About this list

This week we bid farewell to the following members of the musical community:

:: Tim Hart: Founder-member of Steeleye Span
:: Alaina Reed Hall: Actress and singer
:: Bess Lomax Hawes: Folklorist and singer
:: Consuela Lee: Jazz pianist and educator
:: Derek B: Rapper
:: Dick Johnson: Jazz clarinettist, flautist and saxophonist
:: Felix Wurman: Cellist and concert promoter
:: Vic Chesnutt: Folk-rock songwriter
:: Isaac Schwartz: Composer
:: James Sullivan: Heavy metal drummer
:: James Gurley: Guitarist in Big Brother
:: John Roberts: World music scholar
:: Judy Kreston: Singer and cabaret owner
:: Louisa Mark: Singer and originator of the Lovers Rock genre
:: Mary Curtis-Verna: Opera singer
:: Pete King: Jazz musician and entrepreneur
:: Sandro: The ‘Elvis of Argentina’
:: Sonny Bradshaw: Jamaican jazz trumpeter and bandleader
:: Teddy Pendergrass: Soul singer/songwriter
:: Richard Meale: Composer
:: H. C. Robbins Landon: Haydn scholar
:: Stacy Rowles: Jazz trumpeter, flugelhorn player and singer
:: Marylou Speaker Churchill: Violinist
:: Jim Carroll: Poet, punk rocker and author
:: Jacques Chanier: Jazz pianist

RIP, everyone.


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