ELISION – Invisibility

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, comes in two parts:

1. Get out your diary, turn to February 8th, and write down some or all of the following information:


Date: Monday 8th February
Time: 8PM
Venue: Hall Two, Kings Place 90 York Way
Price: £9.50
Booking and more details

Timothy McCormack: disfix (2008)
For clarinets, piccolo trumpet/flugelhorn, trombone

Klaus K Hubler: Cercar (1983)
For solo trombone

Liza Lim: Invisibility (2009)
For solo violoncello

Richard Barrett: Aurora (2010)
For flugelhorn and trombone

Roger Redgate:  new work (2009)
For bass clarinet, violoncello and trombone

Evan Johnson: Apostrophe 2 (pressing down on my sternum) (2009)
for quarter-tone flugelhorn and alto trombone

James Dillon: Crossing Over (1978)
For Bb clarinet

Richard Barrett: Codex X1 (2010)
For oboe, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, electric guitar, cello and live electronics

The personnel list for the performance is-
Peter Veale | oboe
Richard Haynes | clarinet in B-flat, bass clarinet
Tristram Williams | piccolo trumpet, trumpet, flügelhorn
Benjamin Marks | alto and tenor trombones
Daryl Buckley | electric guitar
Richard Barrett | live electronics
Séverine Ballon | violoncello

2. Stay tuned for some great original material in support of this concert – composer interviews, free downloads, round table discussions, party balloons, cake!

2 thoughts on “ELISION – Invisibility

  1. Oops sorry its alreday been linked on the other entry. Which I read but forgot I did (I was just listening and thinking about Hubler again)

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