Your chance to participate in Aleks Kolkowski’s next installation

Aleksander Kolkowski at Shunt, 2008

Sound artist and improviser Aleks Kolkowski is asking for contributions for his next installation project, to be displayed and performed at London’s Whitechapel Gallery as part of this year’s Spitalfields Festival. The installation forms part of a concert focusing on Iannis Xenakis and ‘visual music’; Kolkowski’s contribution takes its inspiration from Xenakis’s UPIC system for creating digital sound from hand-drawn graphics.

Xenakis demonstrates UPIC to three schoolchildren, late 1970s

The installation will comprise a large number of phonographs, gramophones and acoustic horns. Each of these which be playing sounds drawn by members of the public using a system modelled on UPIC; these drawings are translated digitally into sound and then handcut onto gramophone discs or wax cylinders. In addition a quartet of musicians – Kolkowski, Brigit Carey, Anton Lukoszevieze and Alan Tomlinson – will perform live interpretations of some drawings.

If you’d like to take part, you are invited to download and print this pdf, which contains three graphs and a short set of instructions. Two small graphs at the bottom represent the desired waveform and ‘envelope’ (the pattern of loud and soft dynamics); the larger one is for your drawing itself.

When you’ve completed your drawing, send it to Aleks via:

Sketched Sound
c/o Spitalfields Music
61 Brushfield Street
E1 6AA
or Fax: 020 7247 0494

or Email: Rebecca Steel (with the drawing as an attachment)

Closing date for entries: June 4 2010

Postal submissions are preferred, as some drawings will also be displayed as part of the exhibition.


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