Musician Deathwatch

Another big catch-up: | About this list

:: Garry Shider P-Funk guitarist
:: Bill Dixon Free jazz trumpeter
:: Jimmy Dean Country singer, TV host and businessman
:: Ernest Fleischmann Los Angeles Philharmonic manager
:: Hetty Buchanan Cellist
:: Benjamin Lees Composer
:: Marvin Isley Isley Brothers bassist and songwriter
:: Jack Beeson Composer
:: Stuart Cable Stereophonics drummer
:: Anthony ‘Little Benny’ Go-go and funk trumpeter
:: Paul Gray Bassist with Slipknot
:: John Ellis Organist and composer
:: Yvonne Loriod Pianist
:: Hank Jones Jazz pianist
:: David Randolph Conductor
:: Ronnie James Dio Heavy metal vocalist
:: Rosa Rio Silent movie organist
:: Rob McConnell Big band leader
:: Bob Mercer EMI executive
:: Doris Eaton Travis Chorus girl
:: Francisco Aguabella Afro-Cuban drummer
:: Giulietta Simionato Mezzo-soprano
:: Gene Lees Jazz biographer, critic and lyricist
:: Jerry Adler Harmonica virtuoso
:: Wolfgang Wagner Bayreuth opera festival director
:: Bobby Charles Songwriter
:: Charlie Gillett DJ and historian
:: Raymond Monelle Lecturer, conductor and critic
:: Ron Lundy Rock DJ
:: Johnnie High Country music impresario
:: Alex Chilton Singer and songwriter
:: Micky Jones Lead guitarist of Man
:: Larry Cassidy Leader of the post-punk Factory group Section 25
:: Margaret ‘Marge’ Levin Co-owner of Washington Music Center
:: Gene Chenault Rock radio pioneer
:: Robert Crafton III Bassist, rapper and songwriter
:: David Soyer Cellist
:: Aaron Schroeder Songwriter who wrote for Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Nat ‘King’ Cole
:: Malcolm Vaughan Singer
:: Kenneth Solway Tafelmusik founder, Baroque oboist
:: Malcolm McLaren Former Sex Pistols manager
:: Beth Anne Newdome Violinist
:: Otmar Suitner Conductor
:: Doug Fieger Singer and guitarist with The Knack
:: Dale Hawkins Singer, songwriter and guitarist
:: Ariel Ramirez Pianist and composer
:: Kathryn Grayson Actress and singer
:: Michel Glotz Classical music producer
:: Jacques Hétu Composer
:: Irina Arkhipova Opera singer

RIP, everyone.


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