5 (more) new music blogs you should subscribe to now

Following the runaway success the last time I recommended five new music bloggers, back in January, here are five more your RSS reader is hungry for:

Flutin’ High

This is the blog of Helen Bledsoe, regular flautist with musikFabrik, and one of the best in her field. Helen writes informative posts about the nitty-gritty of contemporary flute playing: tips on playing harmonic multiphonics, extended techniques, nested irrational rhythms and the like (she recently posted on the use of non-vibrato in Michel Van Der Aa’s The Book of Disquiet), but her posts aren’t academic exercises, they’re frank discussions about the possibilities and frustrations of modern performance practice. She’s also not afraid to take composers to tasksome of them very highly regarded – for sloppy notation or for failing to understand her instrument properly.

neither wholes nor parts

Scott McLaughlin is also a composer, and nwnp is his new excursion into blogging. Scott is adept at digging out stories and comments on the digital economy and free culture, and probably has the intersection of culture and legislation at the forefront of his thinking more than many composers. Recent posts on label elitism and an extended summary of comments made at the CMC’s Future of Music Symposium held in Dublin in June are among those worth your time.

Tous les hommes etaient Retransformés en argile

Lawrence Dunn is another composer, this time an undergraduate, who blogs thoughtful and critical reviews of off-the-beaten path concerts (John Cage at Shoreditch Church, Music We’d Like to Hear), art exhibitions (Sally Mann at Photographer’s Gallery, Ernesto Neto at the Hayward), CDs (Ablinger: Voices and Piano), even lectures (Salomé Voegelin, Jennie Savage and Peter Cusack on field recording).

Stain on Silence

Doug is yet another composer: there are samples of his quiet and introspective music on a subpage of his blog, but the blog itself contains extended live reviews (Varèse at the Lincoln Center, Keith Rowe at Oberlin) and links to interesting video finds, including an interview with Bertrand Russell and an Omnibus documentary on Rodin.


Finally, mapsadaisical (AKA Scott McMillan), whose blog is a real treasure trove of album and live reviews of mostly Wire-ish improv, experimental and otherwise alt- music – like Damo Suzuki at the King’s Head, Fennesz, Daniell Buck and Knoxville on Thrill Jockey and Chris Watson’s Whispering in the Leaves installation. He’s also a great value tweeter.


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