A Prom date with Beyoncé

I’ve posted a short write-up of the Turnage/Beyoncé story to the Guardian’s Music Blog:

It began with a bang: skirling woodwind and dissonant brass fury. Nothing that unusual for a BBC Proms world premiere. But then audience members at the Royal Albert Hall last Thursday suddenly sat up. Some rooted through their programmes, looking vainly for confirmation; others glanced around in disbelief. Were they hearing this right? Was the esteemed BBC Symphony Orchestra really playing Beyoncé’s Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)?

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5 thoughts on “A Prom date with Beyoncé

  1. Nice post.

    Did you by any chance ask for a comment from the round-arsed one herself, or her record company? It would be very interesting to know what they make of it (if, indeed, anything).


  2. Everybody seems to be banging on about this piece, but nobody seems to want to mention how gruesomely embarrassing it is to listen to – like seeing yer mum jiggling her “booty”…

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