Announcing Radio Rambler!

Well, not so much a radio station as rolling Spotify playlist. Think of it as both an audio guide to what I’m writing and/or thinking about on this blog, and an insight into the amazing music that can be uncovered in Spotify if one is prepared to spend time wrestling with inconsistent ID3 tags and Spotify’s own search limitations.

Spotify users can access Radio Rambler through this link. The current playlist includes pieces by Pierluigi Billone, Gérard Pesson, Chris Dench, Aldo Clementi and Bruno Maderna, as well as recently discussed works by Michel van der Aa and Iannis Xenakis, and will fill any three hours of your time with wonderment and delight.

Radio Rambler: streaming the music that others won’t tell you about.


2 thoughts on “Announcing Radio Rambler!

  1. Sounds interesting. When I was in the Netherlands, I created a Spotify account. Unfortunately, the service is still not accessible in the US, though. After the demise of lala, I slog away with rdio and mog but those are not well organized regarding contemporary music.

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