Overtones, overtures and over here

While we’re on the subject of American music seen and heard from a British living room, my first article for New Music Box is now online, and is a little essay on the experiences of some of the American composers currently or recently resident in the UK:

In what sense is an American composer still “American” when living overseas? Many things—not least communications technology and the cost of transatlantic travel—have transformed have transformed in recent years. Yet the experience that, in leaving the United States and coming to work or study as a composer in the United Kingdom, one has crossed a horizon is common enough among the American composers I have spoken with to suggest that there is something more permanent and primal separating the two countries’ music than the cost of a Virgin Atlantic airfare.

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As ever, thanks are due to the interviewees who kindly gave me words that I could mangle: Bret Battey, David Bruce, Aaron Cassidy, Ray Evanoff, Colin Holter, Joe Kudirka, Timothy McCormack, Stephen Montague, Arlene Sierra and Colin Tucker.


2 thoughts on “Overtones, overtures and over here

  1. hi Tim,
    good article. Good blog! Have only just discovered it. Shows how finger-on-the-pulse I am. Would be good to meet up in London for a beer sometime. Do you ever come to Amsterdam?

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