Radio Rambler updated

I’ve been updating the Radio Rambler playlist on Spotify recently. As always, the list reflects some of my current musical preoccupations, whether it’s music I’ve been writing about recently or just stuff I’ve been really getting into. Three hours of awesome new music, lots of it floating below the radar. Why not subscribe? Links are included as hints as to why I might have been listening…

Toru TakemitsuRan – Opening Credits / Main Title
Georges Aperghis – Machinations – I
Fausto RomitelliFlowing Down Too Slow
Aldo Clementi – Fantasia su roBErto FABbriCiAni
Iannis Xenakis – Tetras (JACK Quartet)
Milton BabbittWhirled Series
Elliott Carter – Dialogues
James Clarke – Untitled No.3
Graham Fitkin – Log
Salvatore SciarrinoLet me die before I wake
Jonathan Coletss-k-haa
Brian FerneyhoughBone Alphabet
Gérard PessonLa lumiere n’a pas de bras pour nous porter
Kevin Volans – Kneeling Dance
Robin Holloway – Third Concerto for Orchestra
Simon Holt – eco-pavan
Pascal Dusapin – Clam (Solo no.4 for orchestra)
Michel van der Aahere (to be found)
Toru TakemitsuRequiem

Miss any music previously featured on Radio Rambler? Don’t worry – there’s also an archive playlist of everything played so far.


5 thoughts on “Radio Rambler updated

  1. I’d love to hear your playlists, but Spotify isn’t available in the US. (What’s up with that?) Any chance you could put your playlists on something more widely available?

    I just discovered your blog and love it. But a lot of the work you mention is not that widely available. I’d love to hear it. I was pleased when I saw that some of it’s available through your playlists, but now . . .

  2. Hi ravishd.

    It’s a continuing shame Spotify isn’t available in the US. I’d be happy to put the playlists onto something else if I knew of a global alternative that had the same back catalogue, but I don’t know if there is one yet.

    I don’t own a lot of these tracks – a lot of them I’ve discovered via Spotify myself – so I’m not in a position to upload them to something like live365, even if I had the inclination to maintain a full online radio station.

    So, for the time being, Spotify is my preferred option, although I realise it must be very frustrating for my US readers.

  3. Thanks for that quick reply. I’m sure I can find other sources of this music. I’ll follow links from here for a start. Thanks for providing such a rich world to explore.

  4. That would be great. On my blog ( – please forgive the plug) I embed one- or two-minute samples of the music I talk about. I’m pretty sure fair use covers this. (WordPress charges a small fee for the storage this takes). I also embed YouTube videos, which are available for a surprisingly wide range of music (Morton Feldman on a recent blog, for example), but probably won’t help you as much.

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