Trio Atem: Radical Alchemies at Kings Place

Coming up this Monday: Trio Atem at Kings Place. Well worth your attention if you’re in London.

In Radical Alchemies Trio Atem (Gavin Osborn, flute/Nina Whiteman, mezzo/Alice Purton, cello). showcase acoustic and electroacoustic commissions by some of the UK’s most exciting young composers (Ian Vine, Richard Whalley, Manuella Blackburn, Chris Swithinbank); temA – a classic work from 1968 by elder statesman of contemporary music Helmut Lachenmann; and spatialised performances of new ‘hypergraphic’ scores – a radical and vibrant evolution of the graphic score form from The Alchemy Collection by performance artist Michael Mayhew.


Swithinbank has posted an essay on his blog on Lachenmann’s temA, the piece that brought Trio Atem together in the first place. He says “maybe it will be of more use after hearing a per­form­ance in di­gesting the work,” but it’s worth a look for all the more academically-minded of you.

Also drop by Trio Atem’s Myspace, which includes pieces by Whiteman, Mayhew and Mic Spencer.


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