Chiyoko Szlavnics special tomorrow night

A quick note from composer and online radio host, Ophir Ilzetzki, about tomorrow night’s broadcast of his regular show An Hour:

This Tuesday evening, May 17th, An Hour 17 will introduce the beautifully delicate works of Chiyoko Szlavnics whom I was fortunate enough to interview in Berlin this last December. The program will as always include an informal talk and much music, but will be followed by Szlavnics’ longer piece (a)long lines; we’ll draw our own lines.

An Hour is broadcast on [warning – website autoplays the sound of whatever’s currently broadcasting]. Here are some more details, including schedule times and playlist. Update: this link also includes a listen again stream of the show. Previous editions are archived at the Halas site and also on the Free Music Archive.


One thought on “Chiyoko Szlavnics special tomorrow night

  1. Thanks for this heads up, Tim! Having spent a lot of time with Chiyoko’s music – & directing a performance of “(a)long lines; we’ll draw our own lines” – this will be fascinating!

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