60th birthday concert for Richard Emsley and James Erber

Very briefly, notice of a concert tomorrow night that I think you should be aware of (even if you probably are already):

This 3-part event marks the 60th birthdays of Richard Emsley and James Erber, two contrasting but intriguingly uncategorizable
composers. Performers include Darragh Morgan (violin) and Jonathan Powell (piano), both of whom are well known in the international new music scene, as well as flautist Matteo Cesari, who is fast making a name for himself as a stunning exponent of contemporary repertoire.

Part 1 (6.00 pm)
Richard Emsley: for Piano 14
for Piano 15

Part 2 (7.30 pm)
James Erber: The “Traces” cycle for solo flute (Traces**, Traces B,
Traces C*)

Part 3 (9.00 pm)
James Erber: Te’amim for violin and piano**
åNeM for piano
Aurora for piano
Qfwfq for piano
Richard Emsley: Still/s 14 for solo violin
Still/s 10 for flute and piano
Piano with violin
Still/s 6 for flute, violin and piano
* = World 1st performance/** = London 1st performance
Tickets (on the door): £6 (1 part), £10 (2 parts), £14 (3 parts)
Interval drinks and refreshments

Venue: Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel, Hampstead, London NW3
Transport links: Hampstead (Northern Line)/Hampstead Heath (London Overground). Buses 46 and 268 go past the chapel and 603 and C11 stop nearby.

Emsley has the distinction of being the last music I heard before my daughter was born – my wife went into labour about an hour after I returned home from a concert of his music given by Music We’d Like To Hear in 2008. Commitments elsewhere mean that I won’t be able to make the 6pm or 7.30pm parts of this event, but I’m very much looking forward to getting to know a few more of Emsley’s Stills at 9pm.

And don’t forget the film interview of Emsley with Tim Parkinson.


4 thoughts on “60th birthday concert for Richard Emsley and James Erber

  1. Someone should make one of those kind of “family trees” they have on BBC2’s rock family tree programs, but for living composers. I’ve never heard of any of these guys, or the other ones in Tim P’s interviews. Presumably they aren’t published (not that publishers do a stroke of work anyway) and obviously they don’t get performed very much, but they seem like pretty interesting and eccentric people and the snippets of music are intriguing. We need a kind of online “family tree” showing how they are linked to eachother and more well-known people, how they are linked by style / milieu / etc. in some way and preferably including extracts of scores, audio, youtube interviews, etc….

    Anyone want to volunteer to make one? 🙂

    Cheers Tim and Tim,
    (too many Tims out there)

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