Latest news from Richard Beaudoin

Just over a year ago, Mark Knoop brought the intriguing piano music of Richard Beaudoin to London’s Kings Place. Mark played three pieces from Beaudoin’s Études d’un prélude, which I described in my preview to that concert as follows:

These take as their material Chopin’s E minor prelude, op. 28 no. 4; in fact, more than that, the material is specifically a 1975 recording by Martha Argerich, analysed using the LARA ‘acoustic microscope’. From the data thus collected – precise attack points, decibel levels, etc – Beaudoin derives compositional strategies that build upon the specific energies of Argerich’s recording, an approach he compares to photorealism in painting.

Those Kings Place performances have been available – with iffy sound quality – on YouTube for a while (see below), but Mark has recently added a clean recording of the virtuosic Black Wires to his site that you may be interested in hearing. (Direct download here.)

Black Wires will be included on a forthcoming Knoop disc featuring other Beaudoin piano works that apply the ‘acoustic microscope’ approach to Maurizio Pollini’s 1976 recording of Webern’s Op. 27/II and Alfred Cortot’s 1931 recording of Debussy’s la fille aux cheveux de lin. Furthermore, the Kreutzer Quartet have recently recorded two more Beaudoin pieces, again derived from the Argerich and Cortot recordings. For more details see Beaudoin’s website.


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