Music We’d Like to Hear returns tomorrow

The always fantastic Music We’d Like to Hear starts up again tomorrow night: three concerts on three Fridays curated by three composers.

As ever, the venue is Wren’s St Anne’s & St Agnes on Gresham Street.
Please note: rather than the usual Wednesdays, this year the concerts
will be on Fridays.

Friday 1 July  CLAVICHORD

Markus Trunk presents:

erik satie: l’enfance de ko-quo
alvin curran: inner city #iv/1
michael parsons: oblique piece 11
andrea gabrieli: canzon francese
peter ablinger: instruments &
makiko nishikaze: claviere i-vi

performed by Makiko Nishikaze (clavichord)

Friday 8 July ASSEMBLAGE

John Lely presents music for electronics, found objects, percussion,
ocarinas, reed organs and viola by:

William Cheshire, Philip Corner, Christopher Hobbs, Travis Just, Alvin
Lucier, Michael Parsons, plus new arrangements of traditional Georgian
folk songs

performed by William Cheshire, Richard Jones, John Lely, Tim
Parkinson, Michael Parsons and Markus Trunk

Friday 15 July VIOLINS with SOUNDS

Tim Parkinson presents:

chiyoko szlavnics: interior landscape
jürg frey: ohne titel
vincenzo gabrieli: contrapunti
michael parsons: pentachordal melody
christian wolff: material

performed by Angharad Davies, Sara Hubrich (violins) with Parkinson
Saunders (any sound-producing means)

7.30 pm, Church of St Anne and St Agnes, Gresham Street, London EC2
(one minute walk from St Pauls tube)

£9 (£6)


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