Radio Rambler: US special

To mark the arrival of Spotify in America, a new playlist for Radio Rambler: a collection of some of the best, rarest and oddest US new music available to stream. No Adams, no Daugherty, all American.

James Tenney: Essay (After A Sonata)
Arnold Dreyblatt: Point Rotation
David Tudor: Pulsers
William Duckworth: The Time Curve Preludes, Book I, no.11
Paul Lanksky: Still Time
Tom Johnson: Kientzy Loops
Roger Reynolds: Ping
David Lang/Velvet Underground: Heroin
Chas Smith: Uncovered the Nest
John Cage: Ryoanji
Alvin Lucier: Bird and Person Dyning
Charlemagne Palestine: Negative Sound Study
Pauline Oliveros: Lear
‘Blue’ Gene Tyranny: Somewhere in Arizona 1970
Morton Feldman: Coptic Light

Fours hours, nineteen tracks. Get it here.

Previous tracks played on Radio Rambler may be found in the archive; previous playlists are all here.


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