Extended clavichord at Handel House

Those who were intrigued by Makiko Nishikaze’s clavichord recital in this year’s Music We’d Like To Hear might be interested in Leon Michener’s concert this Thursday at Handel House:

New compositions for solo amplified clavichord and ensemble with Olie Brice on Contrabass, Leon Michener on Clavichord and electronics, and ‘mystery guest’ vocalist. Projections from the visual music box by Pianoscope.

The clavichord is one of the most early and expressive of keyboard instruments, and one that the young Handel was very attached to, often stealing away at night to practice in secret. In this recital his instrument is taken out of it’s normal acoustic setting and subjected to various means of sound generation and styles of playing, forming the basis for a suite of compositions that move through free Jazz, Hendrixian riffs, Baroque partimenti, Classical composition, and folk music.

Michener will be playing a restrung clavichord, using custom pick-ups to allow amplification, sound processing etc. There’s also some microtonal stuff going on, and a harpsichord tuned in Pythagorean tuning.

Ticket are £9, £5 for students. Details.


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