Great stash of new music (with scores) on YouTube

I don’t know about you, but I love ‘score reading’ videos on YouTube. You know, the ones where you not only get the music, but you also get scans of the score synched up alongside.

So I’m thrilled to have discovered ch252525’s channel. Over 250 music-plus-score videos, all of them 20th-century/contemporary. There are too many gems in there to list them all. You will surely find your own. But here are a few things I was particularly happy to find:


Richard Barrett – EARTH, for trombone and percussion.


Helmut Lachenmann – Serynade, for piano


John Cage – Aria, for voice


Luigi Nono – Ommagio a György Kurtág, for contralto, flute, clarinet and tuba

Finally, most eye-opening of all: Brian Ferneyhough’s (now withdrawn) Sonatina for 3 clarinets and bassoon, of 1963:


9 thoughts on “Great stash of new music (with scores) on YouTube

  1. Hi Tim
    Yes these are rather fun and useful. However what about copyright implications? I’ve noticed a couple of my own recordings on these sorts of sites in the past and there are many by numerous colleagues whom I doubt have sanctioned the recordings. It also leads to a kind of complexity ‘train-spotting’ – the sort of approach that runs contrary to the aesthetic of many of the composers featured – “That’s surely a double-dotted 5:4 demisemiquaver, not a 7:8 semiquaver…”
    Would be interested to know what others think…

  2. I love these. If someone’s go the time for the data entry you can sync this stuff up with noteflight’s tool too, and get a scroll bar playing back with the music.

    It takes some clean-up once you’ve imported via musicXML from Finale or Sibelius, but at least you can use music XML.

  3. Who are the performers and when and where are the performances given?
    There seems to me to be a lot of essential and crucial information missing from this endeavour.

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