Radio Rambler – first update for 2012

Hey everyone, DJ Rambler here. It’s been a few months, I know, but I have finally got around to updating the Radio Rambler playlist. Thanks to those of you who wrote to me and asked when I was going to get around to adding some new tracks. In my defence, we did have our second baby at the end of October, but even that excuse can’t last forever.

So, here it is: your first new Radio Rambler playlist for 2012. Enjoy!

… auf … III – Mark André; SWR Orchestra – Donaueschinger Musiktage 2007 (Neos)
hermés unbound – Marc Yeats; Marc Yeats and Dirk Amrein – Cerberus (in house music)
Wald, from Mit Dank an Mendelssohn – Urs Peter Schneider; Ensemble Neue Horizonte – Historische Aufnahme 1968–1998 (Musikszene Schweiz)
La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura – Luigi Nono; Gidon Kremer and Tatjana Grindenko (Deutsche Grammophon)
face à face – Hans Otte; Hans Otte (Celestial Harmonies)
String Quartet no.1 – Benedict Mason; Arditti String Quartet – Music of Benedict Mason (Bridge)
Intimate Rituals – Horatiu Radulescu; Vincent Royer (Sub Rosa)
Veils – Joshua Fineberg; Ensemble Fa (Mode)
Estratos – Tato Taborda; Orquestra Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos de la Paz – Donaueschinger Musiktage 1999 (col legno)
Lightness – Arturo Fuentes; Ensemble Intégrales (Neos)
Valentine – Jacob Druckman; Stefano Scodanibbio – From the New World (Stradivarius)
Inward – Richard Barrett; Richard Craig: Inward (Métier)

Lots of great stuff. The Yeats and Fineberg are nods to the music of two composers I heard for the first time in Cyprus last summer. The Druckman is a nod to its performer, the legendary bassist Stefano Scodanibbio, who passed away recently. The Nono … well, you’ll see one day.

Look out in a few weeks for a special all-female playlist to commemorate International Women’s Day on 8 March.


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