Mark Knoop repurposes the piano


News of a tasty looking concert at the start of next month:

Mark Knoop presents new works which each take existing musical material as their starting point. From de la Cour’s Stockhausen ‘imposter’, through Beaudoin’s microtiming, to Finnissy’s Brahms-style choral preludes based on Norwegian and American folk songs, each work proposes an intriguing method of negotiating with the past.

Richard Beaudoin: nach Webern, nach Pollini (2010)
Richard Beaudoin: The Artist and his Model I—la fille floutée (2010)
Richard Beaudoin: Now anything can hang at any angle (2011)
Adam de la Cour: Piano piece 10 (2011-12)
Michael Finnissy: Koralforspill (2012)

There will be a pre-concert discussion with the composers at 7:00pm.

I’ve written before of Knoop’s performances of Beaudoin’s music. Adam de la Cour is a founder member of squib box, whose Neil Luck featured on these pages only the other day. Finnissy is always good value, both in music and speech; Koralforspill is a brand-new 40-minute work, so should be worth catching.

The concert also ties in with the release of Beaudoin’s new double CD Microtimings, which features works for piano and string quartet played by Knoop and the Kreutzer Quartet.

More details.


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