2012 Kranichsteiner Musikpreis winners announced

Congratulation to the winners of this year’s Kranichsteiner Musikpreis, awarded last night at the closing concert of the 2012 Darmstadt Summer School: Johannes Kreidler (composition) and Ensemble Dal Niente.

In addition, Förderpreise stipends were awarded to the following:

For composition: Patricia Alessandrini (USA), Ashley Fure (USA), Jagoda Szmytka (Poland), Wojciech Blecharz (Poland), Evan Johnson (USA).

For interpretation: Patrick Stadler (saxophone/Germany), Heloisa Amaral (piano/Brazil), Vladislav Pesin (violin/Russia), Brian Archinal (percussion/USA), and the Mivos Quartet (New York).

I am of course pleased to see two Polish composers on that list, and personally delighted for Evan Johnson, a regular visitor to these pages and profiled here in 2010.

(N.B. Post updated, due to me mixing up the Kranichsteiner prize proper and the Förder stipends.)


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