For John Cage

Today would have been John Cage’s 100th birthday.

Two days ago was the 25th anniversary of Morton Feldman’s death.

It seemed appropriate to post this:

I’m also taking the opportunity to dig out some other John Cage-related things I’ve done over the years:

CYBERSPC HMG – this one from The Rambler’s earliest weeks, a sort of hyperlinked aleatoric birthday card for Cage. I can’t remember how I put it together now, but there was a rigorous system.

My Musicircus epiphany – written in 2004, about the Barbican’s 1998 Musicircus.

Cage Uncaged, Barbican Centre, January 2004 – one of my very first reviews. Includes a complete run-down of performers for this incarnation of Musicircus.

are as Much / is not ‘ finitE / Trouble ‘ / and Heavy – thoughts on I–VI and Cage’s speaking voice.

Apartment House 1776 representing Cage in the (unfinished) Music Since 1960 series.

The (incomplete) Complete John Cage Edition on Spotify – playlist of as many of Mode’s series of recordings as I could find.


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