Radio Rambler updated

I’ve updated the Radio Rambler playlist to commemorate the deaths of three post-war masters: Emmanuel Nunes, Hans Werner Henze and Elliott Carter.

The playlist also includes nods towards a few things (EXAUDI/Cassidy, Scelsi, the JACK Quartet, David Dunn, Nicolaus A. Huber) that have been on my desk and/or mind recently. Plus some things that are just great.

  • Emmanuel Nunes – Nachtmusik I, perf. Ensemble Contrechamps (Accord, currently out of print)
  • Hans Werner Henze – Concerto for Piano and Orchestra no.2, perf. Christoph Eschenbach, London Philharmonic (Deutsche Grammophon, currently out of print) (obituaries)
  • Fausto Romitelli – Chorus, perf. Les Percussions de Strasbourg (Accord, currently out of print)
  • György Ligeti – Hungarian Rock (arr. barrel organ), perf. Pierre Charial (Sony Classical, currently out of print)
  • Arne Nordheim – Collage II (Aurora)
  • Simon Steen-Andersen – In Her Frown, perf. Asamisimasa (Dacapo)
  • Aaron Cassidy – A Painter of Figures in Rooms, perf. EXAUDI (NMC)
  • Giacinto Scelsi – Xnoybis (arr. viola), perf. Vincent Royer (Mode)
  • Peter Ablinger – Der Regen, das Glas, das Lachen, perf. Klangforum Wien (Kairos)
  • György Ligeti – String Quartet no.2, perf. JACK Quartet (Wigmore Hall Live) (review)
  • David Dunn – Mimus Polyglottos (innova)
  • Louis Andriessen – De Staat, perf. Schoenberg Ensemble (Nonesuch, out of print)
  • Nicolaus A. Huber – Don’t Fence Me In, perf. Ensemble Recherche (Coviello)
  • Georg Friedrich Haas – Wer, wenn ich schriee, hörte mich …, perf. Klangforum Wien (Kairos)
  • Elliott Carter – Sound Fields, perf. BBC Symphony Orchestra (Bridge) (obituaries)

As always, you can listen to the whole lot here through Spotify. Previous tracks played on Radio Rambler may be found in the archiveprevious playlists are all here.

If you like what you hear, and you you think others might too, please spread the word.

(Image from jogoraz.)

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