Two new homes for adventurous writing on music

Two new online journals on new music (etc.) have appeared recently. Both look great, and have got off to flying starts with their first issues.

surround is somewhat enigmatic in its self-presentation – minimal contact details, minimal news, a poem on the ‘about’ page. There’s a little more info on the journal’s Facebook page, which tells you that it is run by Mark Flaum and Jon Abbey, and that issue 2 is scheduled for publication in June. But not much. Flaum’s editor’s note to the first issue gives the journal’s goal as to attempt to capture in text those things about music that are “ineffable, uncountable, things that don’t fit inside words or sentences”.

Among others, issue 1 contains essays by Yuko Zama on Beuger, Frey, Malfatti and Werder; Matthew Revert on Vanessa RossettoFlaum on Kevin Drumm and an interview with Ralf Wehowsky.


Divergence Press is a more formal affair: peer-reviewed and published by the University of Huddersfield through the ever-present Centre for Research in New Music. Edited by Richard Glover, its first issue is built around volume 3 of the postgraduate CeReNeM journal. Nevertheless, it contains several items of interest: Richard Beaudoin and Neil Heyde on Beaudoin’s Flutter echoes; Bryn Harrison on his recent music; R. Andrew Lee on Tom Johnson’s An Hour for Piano; Sarah C. Davachi on La Monte Young and Arvo Pärt; and Maarten Beirens on Andriessen’s De Tijd.

Submissions are currently sought for issue 2, to be published in November, on the theme of sound, music, image.

Both journals look like promising new venues for adventurous musical writing. I commend them both to your browsers.


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