Ten years in stats!


What the hell, some birthday stats:

Posts: 1,623, or about three a week.

Reviews (concerts and CDs): about 120

Top five most popular posts: Classical Music MP3 Blogs, Contemporary Classical Music on YouTube, Crack Organist, A Deeper Look at How Much Musicians Make Online, Turnage/Beyoncé.

Most popular search engine term: “tom and jerry”. No, I don’t get it either.

Total hits (on the WordPress site): 546,353

Total hits (on the old Blogspot site): 76,500. Incidentally, that number has doubled – almost exactly – in the six years since leaving Blogger, despite me not posting anything there at all.

Comments received (WordPress site only): 2,084

Spam comments received (WordPress site only): 303,807


2 thoughts on “Ten years in stats!

  1. Tom and Jerry refers to that Tom and Jerry Cartoon where the cat (is it Jerry?) plays Liszt on the piano and the mouse is inside the piano making trouble for him. You might have mentioned it in a blog post once.

    1. Elaine – searching my archive tells me I’ve made two references to Tom and Jerry in the past (one in reference to Terminator 3, the other in reference to Mark Applebaum). Neither of them is to the Cat Concerto, even though I love that episode (we bought the boxset a couple of years ago). It doesn’t seem like enough to warrant the hits though – and whenever I’ve tried Google it myself I don’t see the Rambler anywhere, even after 10 pages of results. It’s weird.

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