“Islands of alternative life”: Czernowin in the Boston Globe


David Weiniger posted a really nice profile of Chaya Czernowin in yesterday’s Boston Globe, ahead of a concert next week by the Callithumpian Consort at the Stewart Gardner Museum. I particularly like the space she gets to talk about her work and what she’s trying to do with it. Nice and fluff-free.

She wants the listening process to be akin to any other very strong experience a person undergoes. “When you’re in the midst of a very strong experience, what happens to you? It’s not like you can say, ‘Oh, I understand what’s happening.’ No, it takes a long time to figure out. You actually stay engaged with it long after it has ended, and this is my wish.”

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to Lucerne over summer for the performances of Pnima … ins Innere, but there are a couple of clips here; photos here too. Very different from the Munich production captured on DVD on Mode.

A little more from me on Czernowin’s impossible architecture here.


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