A year in blogging

Wow. 2013 turned out to be a big one for the blog. Here’s a run-down.

January: I got all snarky with Daniel Asia over a silly Huffington Post article that he wrote. Turned into one of my most widely read posts of all time. Lesson learnt: pick more fights?

I also started my secret music series, highlighting the best UK new music concerts that might slip under the radar of the usual promotional machine. I didn’t manage it every month (sorry if you had concerts in September or October …), but I hope it helped a little bit.

March: I made my first radio appearance, hosting a one-off show on Resonance FM in support of The London Ear contemporary music festival.

May: I let slip some rough ideas for a book. My idea – a survey of new music since 1989 – turned out to be quite popular.

August: The Rambler turned 10!

September: I curated my first ever concert. Along the way I also put together a few additions to my 10 for ’10 series of young composer interviews: Gregory Emfietzis, Ben Isaacs, Charlie Sdraulig.

October: That book idea took a giant leap towards reality, thanks to University of California Press.

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