Parkinson Saunders coming to Kings Place

I haven’t decided which side of ‘secret’ concerts at Kings Place sit on, so I don’t always include them in my Secret Music listings. I know, rod for my own …

However, if you’re in London on 11 May – rather than in Glasgow for Tectonics, Leeds for the Freiburg/Leeds percussion ensembles, or Oxford for Riot Ensemble’s Zivkovic premiere – then you probably do want to know about this:

Sunday 11 May: Kings Place, London | Parkinson Saunders | 4pm | £9.50

Tim Parkinson and James Saunders bring their irreverent experimentalism to Kings Place with a concert of new pieces by Tim Parkinson, Stefan Thut, Matteo Fargion, James Saunders, John White and Travis Just.

I’ve been told there will be shouting, Brazilian rhythms, box pushing, noise guitar, story telling and even a little voluntary audience participation. Should be excellent.


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