Talking at the RNCM

On 1st October I’m going to be presenting as part of the RNCM’s Research Forum series. Mine is the first of this year’s series, and I’m going in big with an attempt to untangle the mess that it is contemporary music history.  If you’re in or around Manchester and fancy a sneak preview of the book, this is your chance.

Talks start at 5.15pm in the RNCM lecture theatre, last about 45 minutes with plenty of discussion afterwards, and are open to the public. Full details are here.


4 thoughts on “Talking at the RNCM

  1. Are you planning on putting any of the content of the talk up on your blog? It’s a very intriguing topic, but I understand if you’re keeping it close to your chest for the book you’re working on.

  2. Excellent! Hopefully it will go up, as I’d love to hear the talk, but have no conceivable way to go to Europe for a week-night talk. Thanks!

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