Between the (Y)ears: The London Ear in 2015


Regular readers will know that I’m a strong supporter of the London Ear Festival, launched a couple of years ago by Gwyn Pritchard and Andrea Cavallari. The festival was always intended to be biannual, but the first year proved such a success that Gwyn and Andrea couldn’t resist putting one on the following year as well. This year they really are taking a break, and are putting on … another festival.

OK, this is a smaller venture than in 2013 and 2014, but not by that much. And although its programme is reduced, it makes the most of the combination of intimacy and exploration that has characterized the London Ear so far. Highlights of the programme for me are probably another opportunity to hear Pierluigi Billone’s wonderful Mani.Gonxha for two Tibetan singing bowls, and the video-accompanied performance of Feldman’s Palais de Mari by Luisa Valeria Carpignano.

As always, concerts will be at the Warehouse and Cello Factory in Waterloo. It all starts this Thursday and runs through to Sunday evening.

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